Supercharge your Power

Supercharge your Power

For female leaders (and aspiring leaders) who want to shift from self-doubt, proving themselves and playing small to powerfully and authentically stepping into the leader they are destined to.

Deep down you know you’re great at your job... but

You constantly feel you have to prove yourself to everyone and it’s becoming exhausting.

That pesky self-doubt has you waking up at 3am worrying you’ll get ‘found out’.

You think you have to have all the answers and that you can’t afford to mess up.

You find yourself searching for external validation from your boss, peers or even your team.

You aren’t sure how to be true to yourself as a leader and it becomes easier to conform to the norm within your organisation.

That sinking feeling on a Sunday has got more extreme and you regularly feel overwhelmed.

I totally get it

When I stepped into my first leadership role I was over the moon.

  • It felt like standing on sand as I made myself miserable trying to prove to my boss, my team and my peers I was worthy enough.
  • I didn’t realise I was giving away my power and selling myself so short.

Instead of enjoying my much longed for role I found myself waking up at 3am worrying that I wasn’t good enough or capable enough.

Comparing myself to my peers and generally feeling I was going to get found out.

But when I started to recognise the strengths that made me a great leader and realised that I didn’t need to have all the answers or prove myself, that’s when I really stepped into my power and felt free to bring every part of me to work - and things got so much better!

And I want the same for you!

Don’t spend years struggling like I did.

I designed this course to help as many women as possible supercharge their power and feel AMAZING at work.

Introducing Supercharge your Power

Here are the goods


What’s stopping you?

You’re going to dig deep to identify why you might be holding yourself back.


Stopping the merry-go-round

We are going to really press pause on that merry-go-round and dig deep into how busyness impacts on your life and how you feel.


Creating space for you

We are going to explore key techniques to help you feel more connected to you and learn how to put your needs first daily.


Say hey to your inner mean girl

We’ll start to tap into the stories you are telling yourself and recognise when your inner mean girl is calling the shots.


Bringing her into your inner circle

We’ll dive deep into how you can honour your inner mean girl and negative self-take, and reduce the power it holds over you.


Identifying your Superpowers

This week we are going to identify and appreciate the unique value you bring and how you can apply this as a leader and in your career.


Your future self

This is the time we will bring everything together and set your vision and intentions for putting it into action so you can step into your power in your career.


Regular Q&A threads throughout the course so you can ask questions as you go and get my support.


An opportunity to upgrade and get two 1:1 coaching sessions with Jeni.

Does this sound familiar...?

Getting the f&*& out of your own way and truly enjoying your role - and life! Because work-life happiness is where it’s at.

Getting up each morning filled with energy and excitement for what you can achieve that dayGetting up each morning filled with energy and excitement for what you can achieve that day.

Having rock solid confidence in your contribution - bye bye proving yourself.

Knowing how to lead and inspire and motivate teams in a way that feels good to you (& them!)

Feeling oh so comfortable with not having the answers and being able to stand in the wind when things go wrongFeeling oh so comfortable with not having the answers and being able to stand in the wind when things go wrong.

Having the tools & techniques to navigate fast paced cultures and heavy workloads.

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Supercharge your Power is just £295 (or spread the cost with 3 payments of just £99!)

PLUS you can upgrade to the VIP option which includes two private coaching sessions with Jeni for just £595 (or 3 payments of £199).

Private sessions are normally priced at £249 so this is a great opportunity to experience the power of 121 coaching.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Drop me a email.

How long will the course take to complete?
Each video is short and sweet (the longest is 15 minutes). You will then have activities to complete in your own time to help you implement right away. Allow around half an hour to complete these each week.
How long do I have access for?
You will have lifetime access, including access to any future course updates and materials.
Is coaching with Jeni included?
Regular Q&A's will be held so you can ask questions as you go. If you upgrade to the VIP option you will have two 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Jeni