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Does this sound familiar...?

You’re hugely successful and you’ve hit every career goal you’ve ever set. In fact you have THE dream job…..but you’re feeling disillusioned and wishing it felt a little more fun.

You’re strong, ambitious and driven and that energy has served you well….but it’s started to feel a bit too much and you can’t put your finger on why.

You know how important your health is but you lack energy and eating well and exercising are just out of reach. Sleep often escapes you as your head plays over the days work in your head.

That sinking feeling on Sunday has got more extreme, in fact you sometimes feel you’re on the verge of burnout - but you’d never admit it.

You know you’re great at your job, but those doubts that creep in have you prioritising work over everything else and working harder than you need to, because you feel you have to prove you’re worthy of your seat at the table.

You’d love to take more time for you, to be spontaneous, to be more active, to create more of a sense of adventure in your life - but you’re a slave to your diary, it’s booked up months in advance and you do things because you should rather than because you truly want to.

Society has high expectations for you and you’ve ticked many of those off your list - your success means you have the luxury holidays (covid dependant!), the handbags, all of the ‘things’ but somehow they just feel empty - and have you ever stopped to question if that’s the path YOU really desire?

You desperately want to press pause to stop the merry go round and find a bit more balance, but you’re not even sure what that means for you or if it’s possible, and wouldn’t it mean sacrificing the success you’ve worked so hard to build?

I see you and I have been in your awesome shoes - I can help you to press pause, connect to your inner thoughts and achieve a level of balance you have only dreamed of. It’s not about quitting your job (unless you want to!) but about making sure you are living a life that energises you and inspires you every day - free from limitations and the expectations of others.

This is for you if...

You feel like you’re moving through your life at 100 mph with no time to stop and think or to do the things you love.

You feel overwhelmed with everything you have to juggle and you lack energy.

It feels like work is always taking over your life and that Sunday night sinking feeling has got a whole lot worse!

You find yourself pushing your happiness further and further away - until the weekend, or your next holiday or when that big project has finished.

You're worried you’re on a slow path to burnout but you find it hard to stop or ask for help.

Your inner mean girl is getting louder and she’s pushing you to work harder than you need to in order to prove your worth at work.

You start the week with the best of intentions to put yourself first, but they fall by the wayside after a few days and you’re left feeling like you’ve failed, again.

You have times when you think you have it nailed and then another challenge or project comes along and you’re right back at square one.

You know you are ready to transform your life so you can truly enjoy the success you’ve worked so hard for - but you’re not sure where to start.

I liked how Jeni got me to think differently about my values and how my next job move will meet my personal and professional goals. I’d highly recommend Jeni as a deeply interested and down to earth coach and soundboard for key decisions.

Head of Marketing

I couldn’t recommend Jeni’s coaching more! Be smart and get some coaching from this amazing woman - she will show you new ways of thinking about your life that will get you exactly where you want to go.

Create your life of freedom

My 90 day one-to-one VIP Coaching programme will help you to create success without sacrifice - so you feel as awesome on the inside as your success looks on the outside.

You’ll ditch the overwhelm and self-doubt and seamlessly put you and your needs first - yet achieve more than ever before.

You’ll rediscover your passion and energy for your career and life and create a balanced life that’s full of freedom and joy.

Here are just some of the things my clients have been able to do as a result...

  • Rebuild their self-belief and find their voice in a challenging work environment.
  • Spend more time with their children after putting stronger boundaries in place around working hours.
  • Get the job they truly wanted, on their terms.
  • Ditch the extreme stress that came from trying to control and do everything herself.
  • Find their feet when a promotion knocked them sideways and the self-doubt went into overdrive.

Everyone is different so each programme is tailor made but over our 12 weeks together our work will focus around 5 key areas as we work on...

Getting crystal clear about what’s important to you in life on your terms - not to society or your friends and family. You’ll know what you want and who you really are.

Clearing the blocks you don’t even realise are holding you back and raising your energy and vibration to embrace the next level of your life.

Creating connections - I’ll support you to press pause and to look inwards, to understand your needs and how to effortlessly prioritise them.

Supercharging your confidence so you know your worth at work and can set boundaries that help your career and success be part of your whole, amazing life, not your entire life.

Helping you shift gears and embrace your feminine energy - moving from the constant, ‘drive, drive, drive’ to inspired action that brings you joy and ultimately creates freedom and adventure in your life.

How I’ll support you

A welcome pack so you can get started straight away.

10 one-hour coaching calls with me over 12 weeks - recorded so you can listen again.

Unlimited access to me via Voxer - Monday to Friday - 9-5pm so you can share any questions or worries - and your WINS so we can celebrate together. I’ll reply within 24 hours.

Regular activities to work on in between our sessions to help you really embed your learning and make real change in your life.

I’ll help you to really press pause and dig deep, to really explore what you truly desire and be honest about what’s holding your back.

I’ll lovingly hold you accountable as you shift gears and uplevel - this is not an easy win, it requires you to do the work and to be honest with yourself - but it’s so worth it!

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