24 February 2021

I don't even like champagne!

I bet you know the point when you felt like you’d really MADE it?

For me it was when after months of pushing my own needs to one side I finally got my coveted PROMOTION to become a Director! I was exhausted - the company I worked for liked to put their people through a few hoops to prove they were worthy!

But I’d EARNT it and had the blood and tears to prove it. So I treated myself to my first MULBERRY bag, which I’d coveted for so long. I still remember going with my friend to buy it and having a glass of champagne afterwards to celebrate.

These days I have at least 6 (possibly 7) Mulberry handbags. I don’t say this to boast or be glib but to highlight how something so SPECIAL went so quickly to being something I just did, without really thinking about it.

Because it was a SYMBOL of my success and I deserved it because I had worked so hard surely?


When I PRESSED PAUSE and connected to what I truly wanted I realised what I was looking for wasn’t in my next handbag (or promotion) but it was INSIDE me!

I was REWARDING myself for personal SACRIFICE not my actual SUCCESS and that didn’t feel good!

This greater connection enabled me to kick myself out of autopilot and I started to ask if I was doing things because I truly wanted to or just because I could. Hence I realised I don’t really like champagne, I just thought I should!

Does this RESONATE?

I CHALLENGE you to spend just a day observing the things you do (like buying a takeaway coffee or ordering a new pair of shoes) and just check-in with yourself - is this something you really desire (if so, great - enjoy!) or is it masking a deeper need?

Jeni Carroll

As a certified life coach, Jeni helps busy, successful women ditch overwhelm & selfdoubt & rediscover their energy, passion & freedom with proven strategies.

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