16 March 2021

Do you ever wish your success felt a little more fun?

Your success looks amazing on the outside but that just doesn’t match how you feel on the inside. My guess is you’re stuck on what I call the merry-go-round of success - prioritising your career above all else and feeling way too busy, overwhelmed and disillusioned; and wishing your success felt more fun.

It’s easier just to carry on ‘being successful’ and achieving external goal after external goal - the career, the nice handbags, the luxury holidays - that you continue to rush from week to week never really stopping to ask if you’re truly living life on your terms?

I hear you. After 20 years building an awesome corporate career and a life I really should have loved, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe, just maybe, there could be more.

I’d gone from having a real zest for life to always feeling tired and low energy. I craved balance and freedom but I just kept pushing my happiness further and further down the road.

I thought, ‘it’s OK, I can rest when this project has finished’ except there was always another, even more important one, waiting in the wings.

I rewarded myself with fancy shoes and handbags and my holidays - and I used to space them 12 weeks apart because I knew that was about the time period I could put my needs to one side for before I started to really flag. Work was always my priority, I couldn't put my needs first without sacrificing my success could I?

Then one day my world turned upside down as my husband upped and left, there are many reasons but I, for one, had been burying my head in my busyness and desire for external validation and I’d taken the fact that he’d always be there for granted.

The divorce shook me and ultimately made me stronger. It gave me no choice but to pause and really listen to my inner voice and that’s when I realised - I was so conditioned by society to follow the path laid out for me and to be part of the hustle that corporate life creates, that until that moment another way hadn’t seemed possible.

What you’re looking for is not in your next promotion or 5 star hotel stay, it’s deep inside you and it has been all along.

Don’t wait for your world to turn upside down before you make a change, you’ve already achieved so much, why put limits on now?

Pressing pause, just for a moment, and really taking the time to listen and connect to your deepest desires will open the door to so much more than you ever thought possible.

My 1:1 VIP programme: Create your life of freedom - is designed to help YOU achieve exactly that.

I’ll support you to press pause in your busy life and reclaim your time, energy and passion. Creating a balanced life on your terms which is filled with freedom, joy and adventure, so you can truly enjoy the success you’ve worked so hard for.

I have just four spots available to start in the next few weeks. Feel free to connect and send me a message to explore further.

Jeni Carroll

As a certified life coach, Jeni helps busy, successful women ditch overwhelm & selfdoubt & rediscover their energy, passion & freedom with proven strategies.

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