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I see you, I have been exactly where you are today

I spent 20 years building an awesome corporate career, but my success didn’t always feel good and I sacrificed a lot of myself along the way. It took my divorce to shake me into action - I learnt to press pause and connect to myself and recognised it was absolutely possible to create a balanced life on my terms. And now I help women like you make a change today rather than spending years struggling.

Why choose me as your coach?

  • An experienced corporate leader inc. ten years at executive leadership level in FTSE 100 companies, so I know exactly how much you have strived to build your success and just how scary it feels to realise it’s not making you truly happy.
  • I spent many years trying to figure out how to create a life of freedom that didn’t involve quitting my job and living on a desert island - let me help you skip the years of agonising as I share my exact plan with you.
  • I used to hold myself to very high standards and was afraid to fail - I learnt how to step into my power at work and I can help you to do the same, taking the weight of your success off your shoulders.
  • My ambition and drive got me so far in life - learning to embrace my feminine energy was the hardest but best thing I have ever done - I can help you move from ‘drive, drive, drive’ to inspired action that brings joy and even greater success.
  • As a Certified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, I help you identify the goals that really light you up, not just the ones that society sets out for us, and I bring you into the here and now - stopping you waiting for the weekend or for this busy period to be over - because guess what, it never will be!

From our first interaction you built instant rapport, put me at ease and were phenomenal at allowing me the space to share, provoking further thought and reflection in a supportive way and helping me to work through solutions. The perfect blend of support and challenge.


Senior HR Manager

The women I work with...

High achievers
You're ambitious, driven and successful and achievement features high up in your values. This drive has served you well up to this point but it's started to feel uncomfortable and you're not sure why - surely there's a different way?
Conscious connectors
You know that being part of a collective is key to on-going success. You surround yourself with awesome women, encouraging them and celebrating their successes as much as your own.
Open hearted
You are open to new ideas and ways of doing things. You’re curious about creating a deeper connection to yourself and want to explore this more.
Energy thrivers
At your core you are passionate and full of energy for life. Work and life in general has got in the way of this but you are so ready to feel inspired again and to grab every opportunity with both hands.
Freedom focused
Building a life full of freedom and adventure is your dream. You are bored of waiting for the weekend to live your life and you want to design your days around your needs not the demands of others.

My Story

I did everything I was ‘supposed’ to do - everything society expected of me and everything I thought would make me happy. Good grades at school, a degree from a great university, a husband and a nice house in suburbia. At work I was ambitious, constantly striving for my next promotion. I would reach each goal and be over the moon but then it would start to feel not quite right so I’d look for the next high.

My success looked amazing but it didn’t feel good. I was so busy on the merry-go-round of life - being successful and achieving external goal after external goal - the career, the nice handbags, the luxury holidays - that you rush from week to week never really stopping to ask if you’re truly living life on your terms?

I’d gone from having high energy and excitement for life to always feeling tired, stressed, and low energy - I’d lost my sparkle. I craved balance and freedom but I just kept pushing my happiness further and further down the road. I thought, ‘it’s OK, I can rest when this project has finished’ except there was always another, even more important one, waiting in the wings.

I rewarded myself with fancy shoes and handbags and my holidays - and I used to space them 12 weeks apart because I knew that was about the time period I could put my needs to one side for before I started to really flag. Work was always my priority, I couldn't put my needs first without sacrificing my success could I?

Then one day my world turned upside down as my husband upped and left, there are many reasons but I, for one, had been burying my head in my busyness and desire for external validation and I’d taken the fact that he’d always be there for granted.

The divorce shook me and ultimately made me stronger. It gave me no choice but to pause and really listen to my inner voice and that’s when I realised - I was so conditioned by society to follow the path laid out for me and to be part of the hustle that corporate life creates, that until that moment another way hadn’t seemed possible.

Slowing down and connecting to my inner-self was the best thing I ever did. I realised that what I had been looking for wasn’t in my next promotion or 5 star hotel stay (although travel is still absolutely my jam) but it was deep inside of me and had been all along.

I’m now passionate about helping ambitious women like you who seemingly ‘have it all’, create balanced lives on your own terms.

Imagine seamlessly prioritising you every day and supercharging your confidence so you know just how awesome you are - so you can really own your success at work without putting it above everything else. And no more waiting for friday because you are living a life you love every damn day!

Don’t wait for your world to turn upside down before you make a change, you’ve already achieved so much, why put limits on where you go next?

Pressing pause, just for a moment, and really taking the time to listen and connect to your deepest desires will open the door to so much more than you ever thought possible. It’s not about quitting your job (unless you want to!) but about making sure you are living a life that energises you and inspires you every day - free from limitations and the expectations of others.


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