Helping high achieving women, who are done with prioritising work above everything else, to put themselves first and achieve more than ever before.

Ditch guilt and self-doubt and rediscover your energy and passion. Creating a life of freedom that enables you to enjoy your success without personal sacrifice.

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I’m Jeni, and I help ambitious, successful women who are stuck on the merry-go round of success. You have a career and a life that looks great on the outside, but you’re way too busy with no time for you and often feel overwhelmed with everything you have to juggle, especially as work often takes over! Despite everything you’ve achieved that annoying self-doubt and negative self-talk can make things feel worse and you find yourself feeling uninspired and wishing your success felt more fun!

I’ll support you to press pause in your busy life and to transform the underlying habits and beliefs you don’t even realise are keeping you stuck. You’ll rediscover your energy and passion and supercharge your confidence - creating a balanced life on your terms, that is filled with freedom, joy and adventure.

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Imagine how your life filled with freedom would feel…

You easily put you and your needs first everyday, yet you are achieving more than ever before.

Your passion is reignited because you know what lights you up - free from the expectations of others.

You feel energised and full of life everyday - no more waiting for the weekend or your next holiday to love life.

Your life is full of freedom and adventure whether that’s learning a new skill, exploring the city you live in or as simple as going out for lunch on a work day.

You ditch the overwhelm and you are no longer a slave to your success or your diary - you have absolute freedom to design your life and how your spend your time.

You know how to embrace your feminine energy, letting go of control and perfectionism and moving through life with ease and flow.

Your confidence at work is supercharged because you know just how awesome you are - and you have strong boundaries to help you rise above challenging corporate cultures.

You no longer feel like you’re hurtling through life at 100 miles per hour with no time to stop and really think about what you desire.

Since working with Jeni I am able to have better balance between my 'musts' and 'shoulds', before I got caught up in everything I felt I should be doing and didn't focus enough on the things I needed to do to move me closer to my goals. This led to extreme stress.

Retail Manager

Jeni has really helped my confidence at work. We've gone on a journey together that has been hard for me but definitely useful. She also gave me lifelong tools which help me on a daily basis.

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